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A key issue for many facility and operational leaders is long term maintenance service and costs associated with accessibility equipment such as automated door openers and lifts. The challenge is often due to contractors implementing equipment that is based on loose specifications and maximizing contractor profit. The result is a patchwork of equipment that many times leads to frequent service issues because either you have poor quality equipment in place or the equipment is good but it does not match the need – a low traffic automated door opener in a high traffic area as an example.

Adaptability Canada believes in a maintenance program that starts with picking the right equipment to match the need. This enables you to better manage warrantees and leads to lower long term maintenance costs. Further our maintenance program ensures you know exactly what you have in place, the condition it is in, whether it is under warrantee, and includes regularly scheduled maintenance as well as emergency maintenance.

Lastly, in certain cases, Adaptability Canada is able to equip equipment with wireless sensors that let us and you know whether there is an issue enabling a more proactive approach to ensuring  minimal service interruption.