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Adaptability Canada believes in a highly strategic approach to accessibility equipment – an approach that takes into account the short and long term usability and financial needs of our customers. More thought needs to go into it than before to ensure equipment becomes a service asset rather than a service risk.

Our goal is to deliver exceptional value through a proactive, turnkey solution that provides:

  • Access to quality equipment only

  • Equipment that perfectly fits both need and usage

  • Equipment that is properly maintained

  • Affordable solutions that leverage buying power and has cut out the middle men

  • Everything you need from a single source rather than sourcing multiple providers

To support this approach and ensure our value to our customers, we have researched and partnered with leading manufacturers who are known to deliver only quality products and solutions. They include manufacturers of lifts, elevators, automated door openers, grab bars and rails, disability washroom, sensory tile, signage, non-slip surfaces, and emergency equipment.

Is your equipment delivering long term savings or long term costs?

How much are you spending on long term maintenance of automated doors and similar accessibility equipment? The number may be quite large as we have found, particularly in large organizations. Why? Three reasons are driving higher operational costs.

  1. Poor quality equipment and a lack of standards or specifications on equipment.

  2. Good quality equipment used poorly or improperly installed.

  3. Poor or no service by installation service provider to maintain equipment.

Adaptability Canada believes in Equipment Standards to ensure:

  • The right equipment is selected for the right purpose

  • Maintaining equipment is key to long term cost control

  • Ensure better upfront pricing on equipment you need