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Giving Back

Adaptability Canada makes giving back easy for our non-profit partners. We aren’t looking to drive hard sponsorship deals or get our name up in lights. It’s not about us at all. Instead, we have made charitable giving and community support a standard practice within our company across the country. Here are the two ways it works:

For general and direct sales not involving a non-profit partner:

  • Every residential or commercial sale by Adaptability Canada is accompanied by a charitable donation.
  • Upon purchase, our customer simply selects the charity they want the donation to go to from a list of our registered charitable and community partners.

It’s that simple.

For our strategic partners:

  • When residential solutions are sold directly to a non-profits members, all donations go directly to them.
  • We also offer exclusive product and solution discounts to our strategic partners not available to the general public.

Discounts to non-profits who own and manage property:

Adaptability Canada has worked hard to establish standard pricing on all of our solutions. To that end, we offer reduced pricing on all of our products and installation to our non-profit partners. Reduced pricing enables you to more easily afford the upgrades and maintenance you need to make while ensuring quality product and service. For those non-profits that manage or own a large portfolio of properties, we offer set pricing for all of your equipment, installation and maintenance needs allowing you to work within budgets and maintain a high level of service.