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Pay It Forward

Adaptability Canada is a social enterprise and is re-writing the model on how a private sector company can work with the community, customers and the non-profit sector. We believe that while the current model of sponsorship works moderately well, it's a system that delivers diminishing returns for both parties involved. Instead, there are ways to pursue more flexible and innovative partnerships to ensure the non-profit, it's members and the community as a whole benefits.

Our commitment is also deeply embedded in our culture. Paying it Forward is more than words, it's a commitment to fostering a better way of life through good acts both personal and via business. It is the chance to lead by example and inspire others to do the same.It's about being an integrated part of the communities we live in and rather than just taking, finding a balance of giving.

This core philosophy and commitment can be witnessed in our pricing strategy. Unlike other companies in this space, we have worked diligently to standard our pricing and offer a broad range of products and services giving us price control for the total project. This means reliable and affordable pricing for all of our customers. No opportunistic pricing and ensuring a customer in Toronto pays the same price as a customer in Sudbury, Smiths Falls or Thunder Bay.

The larger part of our Paying it Foward program is our commitment to the non-profit sector. To this end, we have created a turn key program to help you maintain your buildings, improve marketing and education resources and introduce new fundraising capabilities.

To inquire, please call 1 888-240-8588.