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University of Manitoba Built Environment Accessibility Audit

U of M embarking on campus-wide audit of the built environment to identify accessibility barriers

Aligning with the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA) and the University of Manitoba’s commitment to fostering and providing an accessible environment, the University will be embarking on a campus-wide audit of the built environment to identify accessibility barriers. This is in preparation for the fourth accessibility standard of the AMA, to be implemented around 2023 (another standard is rolled out every two years and public and private sectors have one and two years, respectively, to comply).

Auditors from Adaptability Canada Corporation will visit interior and exterior spaces at the Fort Garry and Bannatyne Campuses and William Norrie Centre over the next two months, facilitated with guidance from Physical Plant-Architectural and Engineering Services.

The goal is to assess and gather data about our physical surroundings for potential barriers. Recommendations from this work will be compiled and will steer the development of future projects as means of championing an accessible campus for all. A summary of the findings will be available when the full report is completed in the Fall of 2018.

Auditors will be identifiable by University issued identification cards that state their name, and the project they are part of; they will also carry a letter of intent outlining the project scope.

For a detailed schedule as to when the audit team will be in your building, visit the Physical Plant website, where an up-to-date schedule will be maintained.

Week 1: July 6-9, Zone: Residence
Week 2: July 10-13, Zone: Residence, St. Andrews, St John’s, St. Paul’s
Week 2-3: July 12-19, Zone: Active Living
Week 4: July 24-27, Zone: Central, East
Week 5: July 28-August 3, Zone: Bannatyne Campus
Week 6: August 4-13, Zone: North
Week 7: August 13-31, Zone: South