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Operating under the Age at Home Canada brand name, Adaptability Canada offers a full range of comprehensive home solutions through national retailers for family caregivers, seniors and people with disabilities including:

  • Financial solutions including reverse mortgages, loans and unsecured financing
  • Tax credit and subsidy advice to enable you to fully take advantage of all existing credits and funding
  • Top quality mobility and safety equipment with professional installation
  • Professional construction and home renovation and modification services for any size project
  • Fully insured and always built to current building code with proper permits
  • Ongoing maintenance and warranty for lifts, elevators, and any home automation

As a family caregiver, senior or person with a disability, you want comfort and a high quality of life at home. This means being able to do what you want with ease while ensuring maximum safety and mobility in and around the home. Now through Adaptability Canada you have choices as to how you can do that and be guaranteed affordable and consistent quality on all work and equipment, customer service excellence, and a company you can hold accountable.

Our Age at Home solutions include:

  • Main Floor Living: Modifying the main floor of your home or your parent's home to enable a full, happy and safe life on a single floor by adapting the bedroom, zero-entry bathroom, entrances/exits and kitchen.
  • In-law Suites: Modifying basement or other area of your home to enable your parent to live comfortably and safely with you including bedroom, zero-entry bathroom, home safety and mobility.
  • Bathroom: Ensuring a safe, attractive and highly functional bathroom for any need.
  • Home Safety: Modifying the home to improve safety in critical slip-fall areas as well as implementing home automation and safety devices specific to managing the risks around dementia.
  • Home Mobility and Access: Installation of exterior and interior lifts, ramps and elevators to ensure ease of access
  • Exterior and Yard: Allowing you to enjoy your backyard anytime with the addition of vertical lifts, ramps, pool lifts and accessible gardens and paths.
  • Estate: From design/build to invisible accessibility, Aging gracefully can be a pleasurable experience when integrated with your existing interior and grounds.
  • Cottage: Ensuring the family cottage can be used by everyone with fully accessible interiors, exteriors and waterfront solutions.

Questions? Call 1-844-240-8588 for more information.