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Private Sector

Comprehensive Solutions for Today’s Enterprise Organizations

Accessibility solutions for enterprise organizations are about minimizing and managing the risk inherent in a changing customer-base and workforce. To do so, you need a partner that understands the complexities of delivering an inclusive customer experience and can help ensure that any solution you choose is going towards reducing your short and long term in leased or owned properties.

Further, you are operating properties across Canada and each province is implementing its own legislation leading to a quagmire of varying specifications, deadlines and requirements that complicate your design standards and maintenance practices.

Adaptability Canada has created solutions specific to the real estate, operations and HR needs of large organizations tackling big issues in the coming years…

  • Corporate Social Responsibility – How can corporations lead rather than follow to better manage reputational risk?
  • Work force Diversity – Accommodation is no longer enough. How can work environments be better designed?
  • No Mandatory Retirement Age – 65+ year old employees in the enterprise are a reality. What is the impact?
  • Lost Productivity Due to Care Giving -  How can you better enable employees to manage sustained family crisis?
  • Chasing Legislation and Code – How can you get ahead of customer and employee need and break the retrofit cycle?

Breaking the Retotfit Cycle

After speaking with many operational leaders, we have recognized a trend within real estate called the Retrofit Cycle. Its a term to refer to the endless upgrade to facilities to keep up with changing legislation and code. This cycle is a reactionary response and leads to much higher operational over time. Instead of chasing legislation, Adaptability Canada advocates breaking the Retorfit Cycle by getting ahead of the customer needs curve and the recognition that legislation, much like customer need, is evolving.

By breaking the Retrofit Cycle, you are able to employ universal design principles in your customer and work environments to minimize costly retrofit in the future. Simply put, you are wasting money by chasing code when you could do the work once and satisfy both current and future need.

Caregiver Solutions for the Caring Employer

Several recent studies by MetLife and AARP in the U.S. estimated that U.S. companies lost a combined $33.6 Billion a year in productivity to full-time working caregivers. Given the differences in the health system, Canadian business may be facing a steeper percentage of working caregivers and thus a disproportionate and more substantial loss.

Your employees who are caring for elderly parents or disabled children need your help and Adaptability Canada has solutions for you and peace of mind for your employees.

Caregiver Programs for Employees

  • Home Modification Solutions including In-Law Suites, Home Safety and Mobility Solutions
  • Home Safety Monitoring with smart phone integration
  • Partnerships with professional nursing organizations across the country
  • Corporate discounts