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Inclusive Workplace Assessment

Inclusive Workplace Assessment – With an aging workforce and no mandatory retirement age, employers are faced with increasing challenges ensuring work environments serve the needs of all employees equally. Adaptability Canada’s Inclusive Workplace Assessment identifies areas of improvement in office, plant and various work environments and then presents recommendations for improvements based on workforce composition. This service includes:

  • Identification of exceptions in interior and exterior common work spaces including hallways, meeting rooms, kitchens, washrooms, collaborative spaces, signage, finishes/fixtures/flooring, handles, switches/outlets, stairs, lifts/elevators and entries/exits.

  • Identification of exceptions in movable interior and fixtures including work stations, chairs, tables, benches, kitchen appliances, hand dryers, shared technology such as copier/printer stations.  

  • Review of accommodation workplace plan

  • Recommendations on improvements with short, mid and long term options.

  • Specific focus on ease of use within workplace for current or potential Arthritis sufferers.

The assessment can be tailored to suit your specific needs and can be accompanied by internal business case documentation for presenting to executive teams and boards of directors.