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Accessible Property Assessment

Accessible Property Assessment – An Accessible Property Assessment from Adaptability Canada is a detailed and comprehensive assessment of a single property and/or public space. The assessment evaluates the property with the understanding that current building code and accessibility legislation is a minimum standard. Therefore, we measure risk with much more forethought leveraging the draft Built Environment Standard as well as accessibility and fire code legislation trends from the U.S.A. and Europe and demographic trends such as obesity, mental health and family care giving statistics. The result is a comprehensive perspective on risk as it pertains to all people, not just wheelchair users.

The report is a highly detailed review and risk grading system that identifies 3 areas of possible concern accompanied by short, mid and long term recommendations to reduce your risk and promote service excellence. The report is based on high amounts of photo evidence along with measurements at each identified area of risk. 


Safety– Identification of areas of concern in regards to risk of physical harm on the property.

Compliance – Identification of areas of concern in regards to ensuring compliance standards are met taking into account present standards and pending deadlines.

Service – Identification of areas that, while not mandated, serve to improve your service levels to customers, the public or employees to minimize future liability and potential human rights issues.    

The result is the delivery of a two-part report:

  • Exceptions Report: A highly detailed report with extensive photo-evidence outlining exceptions by zones (i.e. food courts or main floor common areas) and features (i.e. signage or emergency preparedness) that is then rated against a proprietary scoring methodology.

  • Recommendations Report: A set of short, mid and long term universal design recommendations for improving identified exceptions against your operational and capital project plans.

Report usage has ranged from review of designs and drawings on proposed renovations, to supporting financial business cases and supporting long term planning and investment. Each report can be tailored to your specific needs.